About The CEO

Maayke de Haan, born and raised in Belgium, is a Dutch national that migrated to Sint Maarten in 1991. She has a degree from the Economical College in Tourism and Air Traffic. She started her career in the air-travel industry on Sint Maarten, then went on to manage a health spa in the largest Resort on Sint Maarten from 1995 to 1998 after which she started her real estate career.

In 1998, she joined a small real estate firm and accepted the challenge of building the short- and long-term rental division for the company. She carried out this task successfully and also assisted in the acquisition of a franchise name that aided the growth of that business. She then transitioned into the sales department and managed a sales team as she continued to grow the company. Her successes motivated her to venture out on her own.

In 2008, Maayke launched her own brand - a luxury Real Estate brand. This brand would help her pursue her life’s passion of a more personal boutique approach where ethics and values are key! This allowed her to implement her own ideas and work ethics and create the basis for her company.

Despite being passionate about the sale of luxury real estate and international real estate, a local residential and commercial real estate section grew and became equally important. Her company, AntillesRealty, had gotten recognition and in 2011 was chosen to become the exclusive member of Luxury Real Estate (LRE) for the island of Sint Maarten. Ever since, AntillesRealty has been a Regent for LRE, the governing body of LRE and presented internationally on multiple occasions, traveled the world to attend real estate conferences and represent her region.

The company’s core values chosen from the inception runs like a thread through all areas of the company’s business models. The core values are imparted upon all that work with Maayke. Her passion for the upkeep of the core values speak to the hearts of one and all. The company’s core values are: honesty, positivity, accuracy and hard work to get the job done. 

Maayke has grown to be a solid name in the Real Estate industry of Sint Maarten for her professionalism, accuracy, trust and knowledge of local real estate.

Why did Maayke choose to rebrand a thriving business into KWStMaarten?

"I thrive in a team dynamic, put me in a team of entrepreneurs focused on giving great service and selling high quality Real Estate and I will be successful." With KW, the #1Real Estate Company in the US, our Real Estate agents can access the keys to success, support products through proven strategies and their peers experienced in the application of KW guiding principles. All of this and a business model unmatched in the Real Estate franchising.

Maayke is excited to combine her local knowledgebase built through her 24 years of expertise with the vast KW educational library to offer training and direction to her agents through top level technology. This will remain unique to the island of Sint. Maarten where Real Estate regulation and licensing remain open for advancements.

This change will introduce Real Estate entrepreneurship to the island in ways formerly unfathomable. This model will establish us as a business that defines customer centric relations selling a destination and not just Real Estate. The agents in training will access the same principles and learning that has driven all KW agents worldwide, top of the line course, supreme quality technology, access and support to drive them to excel grow. A Company by Agents for Agents.

While becoming a local Real Estate giant, Maayke brought up two young adult daughters Tess and Lynn. Tess, a recent graduate of the Erasmus university in the Netherlands, with a master’s degree in Politics and Society and Lynn is in pursuit of a degree in Biology at the HAS university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Lynn is currently traveling for her internship exploring all aspects of biology, researching spider monkeys in the woods of Peru!

Maayke is an adamant world-traveler the world, optimally connecting with Real Estate minded people regardless of ethnicity or nationality. The main parts of Maayke’s travel are visits to and getting to know the different cultures, architecture, museums, art performances and Wineries whenever possible she will enjoy moments of life while having great conversations with friends. Enjoying meals with friends and family are as important as all other interactions. The dog of the house, chippie, gets his attention as well during the busy schedule between clients and friends. Maayke welcomes more time for hiking, beaching, boating and other outdoor activity. 

Maayke takes every opportunity to travel to Europe. This creates the opportunity for visits with her daughters in the Netherlands, her brothers in Belgium and mother of 85 in Belgium and as much as possible spend time. She served for 5 years as a member of the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten and by doing so was able to offer a positive contribution to her community. After the devastation to the island brought on by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, the high demands on her time could no longer be supported and her Rotarian commitment ended. 

Maayke plans to engage again with her Keller Williams team with specific community projects in way to pay it forward.