Happy International Women's Day!

This month of March is International Women's Month.

This morning, our weekly "Motivational Monday" call was led by one of our amazing agents, Debbie Jones.

Trinidadian by birth, Debbie is a former career banker with over 30 years of experience. Debbie has been with the company for 5 years. 

Read the piece below written by Debbie:

This month is Women's History Month, and we also celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th annually.

International Women's Day is no longer a new topic. It is celebrated across the world to recognize and appreciate the contributions and achievements of women in various fields, not forgetting those at home.

We took this day to celebrate all women in St. Maarten, and particularly real estate, with more emphasis on our female counterparts in the Keller Williams family worldwide.

A woman is a most powerful and beautiful creature created by God. We are blessed with the graceful power of creating life. This is the right time when we should recognize the power of women and encourage them to prove to the World that we can do anything we want and desire. 

It is a celebration of respect, kindness, motivation, care, support, appreciation, love and empathy towards all women. We shape the lives of those we nurture whatever the final outcome. 

Today's woman is no longer a dependent soul, she is independent and self-reliant in every aspect, and is capable of doing everything, and times multi-tasking because of the multitude of tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis.

We are individuals with our own identity, and we contribute equally to the betterment of society. There is no stance in which we women are less in comparison to men. It is just our mindset, and the mindset is changing daily.

Let us all at KW SXM continue to empower, encourage, motivate, lift-up and be real team players to each other (men included). 

Let's be genuine and honest with ourselves. If we talk the talk, please walk the walk.

- Deborah Jones