Investor size Building Lot - Ocean View Terrace

Ocean View Terrace
ID 744
USD 395.000

Investment Opportunity: Ocean View Terrace, Sint Maarten

Nestled within the exclusive confines of the Ocean View Terrace gated community in Sint Maarten lies an extraordinary investment opportunity - a medium-sized building lot spanning an impressive 2123 square meters. This spectacular parcel of land not only boasts a coveted building permit but also offers the potential to construct four luxurious villas, each poised to command an estimate market value ranging between $600,000 to $900,000 upon completion.

The allure of this investment opportunity is further enhanced by its prime location within the serene and secluded enclave of Ocean View Terrace. Situated amidst breathtaking hills and natural green beauty, this property affords panoramic views of the azure ocean, presenting an unparalleled backdrop of tranquility and luxury.

For the discerning investor or seasoned contractor, this lot represents a veritable dream canvas. With the groundwork laid through the acquisition of a building permit, the stage is set for the realization of a lucrative venture. Whether envisaging the development of a large private residential retreat or envisioning a lucrative multiple real estate endeavor, the possibilities are as vast as the boundless ocean views that accompany this exceptional property.

In summary, the building lot at Ocean View Terrace, Sint Maarten, presents an unparalleled investment opportunity for those with an eye for prime real estate. With this sizable land area, coveted building permit, detailed renderings and the potential to yield significant returns through the construction of four high-value villas, this property is poised to become a cornerstone in any investor's portfolio. 

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of paradise and elevate your investment portfolio to new heights amidst the splendor of Ocean View Terrace.

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