Prime Commercial Unit on Front Street

ID 678
USD 6.000

Property Overview: Nestled at the prestigious location of Front Street in Sint Maarten, this exceptional and spacious commercial building offers a magnificent opportunity for businesses to thrive in a vibrant and sought-after shopping street. Boasting a split-level design with two attached stores, totaling a generous 340 square meters of versatile space, this property is truly for a dynamic enterprise that is seeking a very strategic position right at the heart of a bustling commercial street. If wanted you are able to divide the two sides that will half the rental price as well. $3000,- per side.

The Key Features of this Building:

  1. Optimized Layout: The unit's being split-level provides an intelligent division of space, giving the owner the option for a seamless integration of both retail and office components. The ground floor is perfectly arranged already suited for retail endeavors, ensuring high visibility and foot traffic, while the upper floor can be utilized as dedicated office spaces or as storage.

  2. Flexible Divisibility: With the ability to have the location to be divided into two separate stores, each spanning approximately 170 square meters, this property offers versatility for businesses of varying scales. This feature will allow you to grow individual branding and distinct identity while capitalizing on the vibrant Front Street ambiance. By the dividing the two unit's the rental price will half as well.

  3. Dual-Level Convenience: Each store is complemented by upstairs office, toilet, kitchen, storage space amenities to complete the facility. This thoughtful design promotes efficient business operations by accommodating administrative needs and private workspaces in close proximity to the actual business. Another source of security.

  4. Unbeatable Location: Positioned right at the end of Front Street, one of Sint Maarten's most renowned shopping destinations, the commercial unit enjoys unparalleled exposure to a steady stream of locals and tourists alike. Being close to the bustling port enhances visibility and accessibility, making it an ideal location for a retail or service-oriented business idea.

  5. Outdoor Retreat: The property features a small open space at the back, very convenient for staff to unwind during breaks or to enjoy leisure moments. This thoughtful addition contributes to a balanced and pleasant work environment.

  6. Distinctive Charm: Characterized by its well-preserved architecture and charming front of house, Front Street sets the stage for businesses to capitalize on the unique allure of Sint Maarten. Its historical significance and vibrant energy already helps to create a captivating backdrop for commercial success.

All in all: This prime, A location, commercial unit on Front Street, Sint Maarten, presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking a strategic foothold in a thriving commercial district. With its split-level design, flexible divisibility, dual-level convenience, and proximity to the port, the property is ideally positioned to cater to a diverse range of retail and office ventures. The inclusion of an outdoor space further enhances the appeal of this distinctive property, making it a magnet for both customers and employees. 

Don't miss out on the chance to establish your business in this prestigious and captivating location and enquire today for a viewing.

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