Unique commercial boutique

ID 679
USD 1.200

There are 2 units available this size

One of 2 A charming commercial space available for rent in a vibrant area close to Front Street, very close to the port and almost on the beach. This lovely boutique is 32 square meters in size and is ready for occupancy right from the beginning. This could be a very nice opportunity for a business looking to establish a presence in a vibrant and well-located area. The shops around are filled with local art, souvenirs and much more to complement this opportunity. And It's important to consider factors like foot traffic, target audience, and the overall ambiance of the location before making a decision. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask me. 

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Send an e-mail to c.vdflier@kwsintmaarten.com

Get your commercial trip on the road and make this little gem your first step to success.

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